The Pup Power List


We have all been told at some point in our lives to do more exercise and a good way is to put it into our everyday life…get off the bus 1 stop early, take the stairs, walk the dog…..but how much weight you walk off depends on your dog.

We take a look at which dog breeds will help you to burn the most calories….



Frequency of walkies – 30 mins a day

Your weight loss – Up to 10 lb a year

The smallest dog of the bunch – go for a brisk walk with this little fella then when he’s tired scoop him up and add some squats and lunges into your routine too!!  Half an hour walk a day will burn u to 75 calories.




Frequency of walkies – 1 hour a day

Your weight loss – Up to 20 lb a year

Burn up to 150 calories a day with this cute companion.   Have fun with them getting wet and muddy and trudging off the beaten track through the local woods or forest.




Frequency of walkies – 1 hour a day

Your weight loss – Up to 20 lb a year

You may need to motivate each other, the bulldog can be slightly lazy – so thed sofa could bed a real weakness for you both!



Frequency of walkies – 2 hours a day

Your weight loss – Up to 40 lb a year

A brilliant way to keep the whole family active a retriever love’s long walks and playing with the entire family along the way.



Frequency of walkies – 3 hour+ a day

Your weight loss – Up to 60 lb a year

If you really want a work out, a husky is thed ultimated personl trainer!  they won’t stop until they are worn out, and your looking at several hours of walkies per day….these are tough dogs used to pulling sledges in the snow so you need to remember this if your thinking of owning a Husky!


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