The best fitness watches.


Over the last decade fitness watches have grown hugely in popularity, people have been using basic stopwatches to monitor running or cycling activities for generations but the development of heart rate monitors, power meters, and GPS technology has really allowed amateurs to deep dive into the data which previously only professional athletes, or sports scientists were able to access. 


Does an amateur really need this much data?  


Well the straightforward answer is no, it is not essential to have access to all of this data to enjoy running, cycling or swimming. It is perfectly possible to run and train for a marathon, a hundred mile plus cycle sportive or even take part in an iron man competition with just a basic stopwatch and maybe a basic speedometer for your bike. 


If you don’t like working with data and find it easy to motivate yourself to improve fitness you probably will be fine without one of these gadgets or with a very basic model. 


If you enjoy analyzing your workout data in depth, looking at specific areas you can target to improve on and monitoring the improvement then these can be a great tool to keep you motivated and on track for hitting your own targets. 


replica watches are of most use for running, swimming, and triathlon; if you focus more exclusively on cycling then a specific cycle computer is likely to be a better option. 



All of the models worth considering will allow you to upload the data from your activities to websites such as Strava or Garmin where there are various tool to analyze your data, monitor your progress and see how you compare to others. 


Key features to look for: 


  • A separate heart monitor chest strap, far more accurate than optical wrist monitors. 


  • ANT+ sensor compatibility – allowing you to connect to extra running or cycling sensors for power or cadence. 


  • Long battery life – perfect for long events such as ironman, epic runs or cycle rides. 


Garmin was one of the first in the manufacturers in the marketplace is the and dominates the serious fitness sector, it offers the most comprehensive range of products at different price brackets.  


Unlike many offerings from other manufactures, its products are accurate and comprehensive without being gimmicky. They aren’t usually the cheapest but are hard to beat. 


3 options to choose from: 


Garmin Forerunner 935 Multisport GPS Watch. 


Great all-round model for running, cycling, swimming 


Garmin Fenix 5 GPS Watch.


A more stylish option at a slightly higher price point. 


Garmin Vívoactive® 3 GPS Smartwatch.



Slightly cheaper option offering a good range of features.

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