Great free alternatives to the gym. 

Gyms have become very popular over the last 30 years, many people subscribe to a gym either near their home or office, and they offer a range of solutions to get or keep you fit, however there are several downsides. 


  • The first of the downsides is cost, the monthly cost of a gym can often be expensive, if you miss a few sessions or take a break whilst on vacation, then your cost per session effectively increases too. You could even buy your own equipment with the money you have saved on membership fees. 
  • The time taken to get to your gym is time out of your day, and if you are driving to the gym then this is time you could be exercising too. Why not plan your fitness around your commute to make more efficient use of your time. 
  • The key to staying fit is finding an activity that you enjoy, and can see yourself committing to day in day out all seasons. Many activities in gyms such as running, rowing or cycling machines can quickly become monotonous and are less mentally stimulating or fulfilling than the same activities outdoors. 


The next time you find yourself queuing to use a certain machine why not just head to the reception desk and quit the gym? 


Here are some great alternatives you can easily work into your life which will mean you could even become fitter after quitting the gym. 


It is good to have a mixture of aerobic and strength building exercise. 

Aerobic exercise will provide a means of maintaining cardiovascular fitness, building the efficiency of your body to extract oxygen from the air you breath and to get it into your muscles where you will combine it with carbohydrates to produce movement. It can be measured as your VO2 Max, and tests have shown that a having a higher VO2 max can lead to longer life expectancy. 


Strength building exercise will increase the volume of muscle in your body, improve bone density, and metabolism which can be important to combat the effects of ageing. 


Aerobic – Running or cycling, team sports. 


Instead of spending time driving to the gym to spend time on a running machine why not simply go for a run or cycle instead. You could even run or cycle to work or for part of the journey make more efficient use of your time. 


If you struggle to motivate yourself then team sports such as hockey, soccer can be great to socialize at the same time as you exercise. It provides some extra motivation and competition to beat your PB. 


Strength Building. 

Push-ups, crunches, pull ups are all based on using your own body weight to build your strength. They are totally free and there are lots of online guides to ensure you have the correct technique and to build up your number of reps. 


The money you have saved means that you could easily buy your own set of free weights, and exercise in the comfort of your own home without having any queues to wait for equipment! 

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