Bluetooth Speakers.

Gone are the days of re-configuring long tangles of cables whenever you want to play music in a different room, Bluetooth speakers can be a great solution for playing tunes from your phone or your streaming service around the house, in the garden, at a party, or while you are on holiday. 

Firstly, decide on how you will be using it – where are you going to be listening to your tunes? 

If you want to take the speaker everywhere you go then the more portable, the better, you won’t want to be carrying a big heavy box around with you.  

If you want to play music around the house and garden, but aren’t likely to be taking the speaker out and about while travelling then you can look at larger speakers which will offer a bigger, room filling sound but sacrifice some of the portability. 

At the other extreme, if it is likely to always be in the same room that you are listening to music then maybe a Bluetooth speaker won’t be the best option; you may be best to look into more permanent solutions such as hi-fi’s with Bluetooth functionality or another high-quality form of wireless streaming. 


JBL Charge 4.


This model offers 40W of power, a great quality sound for its size, easily fits in your bag, and because it can charge your phone too means that you can take one less gadget with you. 

This is a great option to take on holiday, a day trip, or wherever you may want to listen to your music. 


Audio Pro Addon C3 .


This portable speaker is perfect for moving around the house and garden, or can even be taken away with you on a road trip. 

It offers a bigger, fuller sound than the JBL and allows you to hear more of the details of your favourite tracks.  

All of the main controls and settings can be dealt with by the easy to use app, which also allows you to connect directly to most of the major steaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music. 

In addition it offers wi-fi connectivity which can often give an even higher quality of sound than Bluetooth. 



UE Wonderboom.


This is a great little speaker to throw in your bag where ever you are going, it’s waterproof, so it’s perfect for the beach, a camping trip, or even while you’re taking shower. 

It doesn’t offer the same bass levels and detail of bigger speakers, but it is a good deal cheaper and the flexibility it allows mean that it could be a great addition if you already have a good hi-fi at home and just want the option of a better quality speak wherever you are. 


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