Best Gadgets for New College students


You’ve passed your exams so what’s next…….and what do you need to take with you, if your living away from home of course the essentials like your bedding, your clothes, your favorite coffee mug and that box of goodies that your mum has packed up for you.

But what about those gadgets that promise you an easier time as a student…..gone are the days of just needing a good writing pad and pen these days if your not typing up your notes on the latest must have laptop then your not worthy of being a student!

It’s a given you’ll already have a smart phone – it seems we all can’t lived without them, But what are those essential gadgets that you need to get someone to buy for you…as  you are a poor student now!!!

We are are here to help…’s a few that won’t break the bank so maybe you can get them all!!


Noise-canceling earphones

An essential bit of kit….especially if your living in the halls of residence, it’s hard to concentrate with lots of background noise so you can persuaded someone to buy you these as a concentration aid and not just simply to listen to your favourite tunes!

Lots of good brands to choose from with lots of different price points.  Remember to check the comfort on the ear and not just the sound quality of your earphones.  Also you need to make sure they look stylish!








Smart notebook

If saving the environment is one of your  hot topic, then a smart  notebook is the ideal thing for you.

Say goodbye to the notepad and pen.

This is also great if you like the traditional writing style rather than just typing on a keypad.

A smart notebook has a handful of pages, and you have to use special ink that can be wiped easily and then reused – endlessly.

Rocketbook for example can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Obviously before you clean your notebook, take pictures of your pages, and the Rocketbook app will  upload it to your chosen cloud storage.











An e-reader is a great way of storing hundreds – or so it feels like –  of text books you will have to read as a student.


Also if your university or college has access to online academic libraries, you can do all of your research reading on your e-book too – no more sitting in the libraries til it closes!

The screen is bigger than your smartphone so your not going to strain your eyes either.

There are many e-readers available but the KIndle has by far the most choice.  There are different models to choose from so you won’t need an expensive one!










Smartphone Charging case

With all that phoning home just to make sure your mum isn’t missing you too much, and listening to your music on your phone with your new headphones  you need to make sure your battery is kept topped up as unfortunately they still haven’t come up with a great battery that allows you to do all these things for a whole day!!!

No need to stay next to a socket or carry a heavy battery pack around ( although if you want a quicker and longer charge you should invest in a power bank, they are getting slimmer and lighter ) just invest in a cheap smartphone charging case.

As well as being practical as its going to protect your phone from drops and damage it will  give your phone an additional couple of hours of battery life so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery whilst arranging that date with the hottest kid on campus!







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