Amazing Rail Trips. 


Rather than jumping onto a plane or hiring a car, taking the train can be a great way to see a different side to your holiday destination. 


Instead of simply a means of getting from A to B you can sit back, have a glass of wine, or a meal, relax and enjoy the scenery drift by without worrying about traffic jams, parking, having to be fully focused for several hours. Even though you are going to and from the same places you are likely to see so much more. 


A sleeper train is not only a replacement for a car/plane but a hotel too, sometimes you will be able to save time and money by travelling overnight, saving on accommodation costs and arriving at your destination when you wake up with a full day ahead of you. 


Taking the train is also one of the most environmentally friendly means of transport, so you can enjoy the trip guilt free! 


There are too many fascinating trips to fit into this short article so it can be worth looking into whichever country you happen to be visiting, but here are three examples to try and fit in to your holiday plans. 



Sri Lanka. Ella to Kandy. 


Several countries that were once European colonies have extensive rail transport systems providing a cheap and comprehensive means of getting around, often far safer and less hectic than the roads too. 

Sri Lanka is a country with very diverse landscapes for visitors offering everything from beaches to mountains and tropical forests. 

This trip takes you from the tropical hills Ella through to the vibrant city of Kandy. This is a trip to enjoy during the day to experience the stunning scenery of the mountains, the tea plantations and the tropical forests and villages you pass through on the way. 

This isn’t a modern train in global standards so it is more a case of relaxing while the train twists and turns up and down the hills taking in your surroundings.  


Thailand. Bangkok to Chang Mai. 

Thailand has become a hugely popular tourist destination over the last few years with delicious food, spectacular scenery, picture-perfect beaches, and many temples for a cultural feast. 


Two of the most popular destinations are Bangkok; a global city with plenty of shopping, dining, and cultural attractions. Chang Mai by contrast is a smaller city often seen as the gateway to the north, hill country, offering trekking, cookery courses, and remote retreats to escape from city life. 


The sleeper train is a great way to travel between the two destinations in comfort, avoiding busy roads and airports, taking in the rice fields, mountains and fauna of the countryside. 


United Kingdom. London to Aviemore. 


When visiting Europe London is one of the must-see destinations, if you have a few days spare then why not jump on the train which goes directly from the centre of London to the middle of the Scottish Highlands to experience a totally different side to the country. 


The cool climate and dark winter months mean that summer will be the favored time of year for many to visit the Highlands which offers walking, mountain biking, fishing, whisky tasting or simply enjoying the view.  


The train will take you directly there, and after you leave the busy city of London in your own comfortable cabin, you will wake up to the green forests, hills and mountains. You can be eating your breakfast as you take it all in and then have the rest of the day to continue your break. 

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