3 Great cell phones for all budgets. 

Over the last few years smart phones have diverged to be a fairly similar looking collection of black glass rectangles, all running either Android or IOS and capable of handling the apps most people will be using every day. 

Five years ago, a budget smartphone would offer a very basic experience when compared to a high-end device, gradually the gap has closed and the lines have blurred. Many users who have not renewed their cell phone for a while may find that they will be perfectly happy with the features offered by budget to midrange phones.  

There are also a number of new Chinese brands that have emerged into the market competing with the established brands 

High end phones will offer the latest technological developments so you are likely to find the best cameras, premium materials, and the latest processor allowing lag free day to day operation or the ability to play the latest games – but the gap between budget and flagship may be less than you think. 

With this in mind here is a selection of phones for all budgets.

Budget – Samsung Galaxy M20.

Having produced some of the best rated smartphones over the last 10 years most in, the flagship Galaxy range now includes more wallet friendly devices with the same quality but a few less features. 

The M20 has a large 6.3” full HD display, 13MP camera and massive 5000 mah battery meaning that not only will this phone be able to handle all tasks and produce great photos, it won’t let you down by running out of battery before the end of the day. 

All this for under $250. 

Mid-range – OnePlus 6T.  

If you want a premium design and nearly all of the features of the flagship phones, but want to save $300 then the OnePlus 6T is worth checking out. 

With a lovely glass body, the latest processor, and a 6.41” AMOLED display including an in-screen fingerprint scanner there isn’t really much more you could need in a phone. 

It is more a case of whether you should be following the herd and buying one of the usual flagships rather than saving some cash and buying this instead. 



High End – Huawei P30 Pro. 

This Chinese brand has been producing quality handsets for a few years now, gradually closing in on the levels achieved by class leading handsets from Samsung and Apple. 

As soon as you pick this up you can see it is clearly a premium, high end cell phone using high quality materials, with a large, bright 6.47 inch notch OLED display and plenty of processing power. 

What really separates it from the competition is the image quality of the camera which includes an optical zoom, a feature only usually found in dedicated compact cameras rather than phones.  

If you are looking for a luxury phone that really justifies the extra cost this may well be the one! 

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